Founded in 2004, Plastic Dreams is a game studio from San Carlos, Uruguay.
We focus on developing games for PC, mobile and web with an emphasis on creativity, artistic value, and above all things, in creating fun and memorable experiences for our players.
We have been awarded four times in the National Videogames Competition, including first prize in 2010.
When we are not creating new games, we like to go around causing trouble.
Players First!


BEBOP Puzzle Beat

Bebop Puzzle Beat is a puzzle game released for iOS and Android. The game will immerse you in a colorful world with jazz music.


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    Bebop Puzzle Beat is now available for Android devices!

    And you can grab it here

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    Welcome Novy!

    So... it´s November and we are thinking in launching the game in about 1 or 2 months. We decided to get some help from people with experience, so Novy PR will accompaning us during the preparations of Bebop Puzzle Beat´s launching process. They already tested the first version of the game and are helping us to improve different aspects of game. We´re also discussing ideas and plans for the trailer with Pascual from Perro Bicefalo Films. We hope to bring you more news! Staaaay tunned!

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    The demo was played for a few hours

    So we had everything ready to show our demo at Juegarte 2014. The event was supposed to be taking place from Friday to Sunday. Unfortunately on Saturday some not so funny guys made trouble and the event had to be cancelled. Anyways! during Friday the demo was enjoyed for a few hours and people from all ages enjoyed Bebop Puzzle Beat. One kid spent 40 minutes playing! We wanted to take pics and record a video during the event on Saturday but that couldn´t happen. Anyway, it was very helpful in order to improve some aspects of the game. Feedback is always a good thing to have while developing a game.
    We´ll bring you more news soon!




18 de Julio 929, San Carlos, Uruguay.


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